Welcome to PureRepubliq

Start big. Start small. Start anywhere...change from within.

About Us

I am a mother of four, but I am still a girl at heart. I am still very much on my journey, trying to remember what my soul already knows. 

Experiencing trauma and PTSD was a turning point in my life. When mainstream therapies and solutions didn't work for me, I set off on a journey to find a better way. 

I now work with a phenomenal network of women and here @PureRepubliq Network we bring you our shared experiences and knowledge from making small changes in our lives that empower us in a variety of ways.

Why You Should Join

Healthy and holistic living is on the agenda for many as we are becoming aware of what we allow in our homes, hearts, spirit, and bodies. 

We have created this network for women and women's businesses, creating a supportive community. If you are interested in joining the PureRepubliq network, we would love to hear from you.

I hope the resources we share, will help you on your personal journey to healthy, holistic living and sense of community.

A Big Thanks

We look forward to welcoming you and growing our community with you.